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For the first Blogpost I am doing the Preppy Girl Tag in a modified version, so that everybody on here can get to know me maybe a little bit better! I hope that you like to get a little bit more about my personal style!

1. What´s your definiton of preppy?
Being preppy for me is all about being classy, not only including clothes but also considering behaviour etc.

2. What is your personal preppy style?
My personal style isn´t to fancy, because as a Student I luckily do not need to be dressed interview ready. Sometimes my style is a little bit masculine. I don´t really like dresses so I prefer to stick to trousers prefered dark blue or Brown ones! I am absolutely obsessed with everything stripped, so I have  Pullovers, Shirts and Bags with the same print on! But I also really like to incoparate my favourite colours, marine blue and dark red into my Outfits. My go-to Outfit therefore usually is a Pullover, layered with a button-down some plain pants and boots or Oxfords/ sandals.  My hair is mostly kept in a bun or I just leave it open and curly or in a ponytail.

3. What do you like about being preppy?
The thing I like the most is that no matter how tired or trashy I am feeling, when dressing properly I always feel so much more put together, which instantly makes me feel inside of my Body way better!

4. What´s your all time favourite brand?
This question is hard to answer, because in Germany most brands, being considered "preppy" are really hard or not at all available. But looking online at J. Crew I definitely Need to pop into one of there stores when I am the next time in the States! And I also adore Tommy Hilfiger!

5. Favourite preppy Youtuber?
Being a person who is Kind of obsessed with Youtube I would have to say that there are many I like! But my favourite one is definitely Carly from "The College Prepster", she just seems to have a nice personallity and I absolutely love her Style!

6. Jack Rogers or Sperrys?
Definitely Sperrys as they fit my personal style better, but they are so hard to get in Germany so I´ll try to get a pair somewhere from!

7. Duck boots, Hunters, or Riding boots?
I would probably go fot the Duck Boots, but it is the same with them in Germany as with Sperrys! But Hunters are also pretty nice, especially when going out to the Horses!

8.Pearls or bows?
Due to the fact that I am not a "girly-girl" I don´t wear any jewellery apart from decent bracelets! Therefore I preobably will never wear any bows as well!

Thanks for sticking with me JH!

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