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Some months ago I travelled to India, to  be more exact to Northwest India, which is mostly Rajasthan, a dry state with a lot of desert on the boarder to Pakistan. The Trip has been the most interesting and at the same time shocking travel experience of my life so far!
Why you might wonder? Well the answer is relatively simple!

Being born and raised in Germany, even tough my parents have always been travel maniacs and went to many countrys with me, for the first ten years of my life we mostly  travelled inside the EU and some European countrys outside of it. After having seen a lot of places inside of Europe, at the age of 12 I first boarded a 12 hour flight to go to Vancouver and travel for somewhat around 2 weeks along the coast. This trip was followed by many trips to the US!

Taking me as the small town girl, coming from Southern Germany, I was not only shocked whilst in India of the trash and smell but also of the sheer amount of people, wandering not only trough the streets but also trough the deserts. Talking about the smell and trash, even tough I have been somehow aware of it before travelling to India, I was still shocked about some peoples living conditions and the way people such as women or people of lower castes get treated. Even tough the caste System has been abolished officially in 1949, the tracks are today still visible in many places.
But being a tourist you`ll have to cope with all this, but I truely hope that the values of Indian Society will change at least a little bit for the better in the next decades or so.

India for me, was a place of pure beauty, leaving me in absolute fascination, but at the same time I was often shocked!

What I absolutely adored about India were the colours, not only in the clothes or on the markets but also in the streets and temples.
Entering a street market for the first time, I was amazed by the colours,  by the smell (not only of the cows) but  also of the food! Indian markets are not really imaginable, unless you have experienced it firsthand. But you need to be open towards the new, in order to experience and dip right into this mix of colours, different and completely new smells of herbs and exotic fruits for a European, the sound of car horns, dealing merchants and crowds.

Talking about cars let´s just say Indian traffic is interesting! On the first whole day of the trip in Dehli I saw somethings I haven`t seen before!
Do you have any idea on how to create out of an average two lane road a six lane one? Or do you want to see how 4 people or 3 people and two goats can fit on a motorcycle on a surprisingly normal Highway? Well then travel to India! I will promise you that you WILL be suprised!
But not only in Dehli the traffic situation was so awful for a European but also in other cities, car hunks everywhere, people just crossing the traffic or leaving the car, yelling at one another!

Last but not least, let´s talk about food because everybody loves food right? Well at least I do, therefore I absolutely like to try out new dishes who might not be "normal" for the European taste. I like my food to be spicey, but not as spicey as the Indian! So if you don´t like it to spicey, you should, if possible ask at all time how spicey the food really is! The chance is high that you`ll get as an answer "a little bit" leaving you afterwards gasping for breath but at least you tried!

Travelling to this incredible country definitely brought me often out of my comfort zone, but it has been so worth it! For everything that might seem a bit uncomfy, I experienced something absolutely special and unique! This trip definitely not has been the last one to India, because for me there is still a lot, that I want to see!

Thanks for Reading! In the next days I´ll be uploding another Blogpost about what I exactly did in India, so if you want to see more stay updated by subscribing to my Social Media or Blog!

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