Lazy Evenings


There is no better way after a day of running around or studying then to cuddle up on the couch in the evening!

Especially in winter, today it even snowd here in Germany. On this days when you just somehow feel quite stressed I would love to have a fireplace to relax in front of it!  But not having the possibility to sit behind a nice warming and cracking fire I need to find alternatives. 
Therefore the best option for me to feel the extra cozyness is a pair of wool socks and a hot chocolate as well as a nuce blanket.
I personally always drink my cacao with melted marshmallows and milk foam. If you want to I can write a different post about how I make hot chocolate, because Ionly use very basic supplies which everybody has! Today I didn't eat a proper dinner, which I often don't when I am pretty much all day staying at home and studying; I ate a piece of chocolate cake as an evening snack!

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