Reasons why they are the best!

Having had pets all my life, I definitely can not remember life without a furry friend. For me it does not matter on the first hand wether it´s a cat or a dog. Even tough I´ve only had cats so far, I´d see myself more as a dog person!

Why you might wonder? Well the answer is simple! I often tend to missunderstand cats with their often somehow `special behaviour´. But I still also absolutely love cats. Having had the first cat in my family before I was born, we got to spent 19 amazing years with her. She definitely has her life lived to the fullest.
She definitely was a special cat but since the day we needed to put her down, I do know for sure that I can not life properly without an animal! So please. to everyone out there having an animal always love it! You never know when it will be over and when it is over you´ll miss it dearly!
Coming home to an empty house and having no cat to lay by your side in the evening, the house felt so much less cozier! Even her loud meowing at night, that would wake everybody up (which she did because she was due to her high age disoriantated), was so much missed! When she wasn´t there anymore we couldn´t live without some kind of pets so we decided to get two little brothers one black and the other one ginger. From the beginning one, the two were, and still are not only coulourwise but from every aspect the complete opposite! The black is a thin, active and quirky cat, who can get at times a bit aggressive but still is absolutely adoreable. I honestly never have seen a cat as intelligent as he is!

But there is also his brother who I would describe as the personification of Garfield because he is just as lazy and hoggish as Garfield. Watching himvlazing around is just hilorious!
He also eats everything starting from noodles, to dry bread and brocoli so you should never ever leave any food unattended, because otherwise it will get paws! Even though he often has the behaviour of a trashcan, roaming around the neighbourhood and begging for food, he is the most kind and adorable cat you can ask you. Never ever will he scratch or bite you, but if he sees you, you´re at a high risk to be haunted, but with a loud pour! And he will not let you escape, because he will follow you until pet him and give him the Attention that he wants.
Even tough, the first cat was the most special one, the ginger one is my once-in-a-lifetime-cat, he just is the most gracious cat on earth (I know nearly every catowner says that!) but whenever you´ re having a bad day he will cheer you up, alwys being by your side!

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