Point Reyes


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Point Reyes, a State Park based on the coast, north of the Golden Gate Bridge is a place of raw beauty green hills that seem to be endless, and a few windswept trees. The soft evening light, paired with the sound of the waves, and the light winds truely make this place magical!

Having the open grassy hills with a few single sheeps in front of you, paired with the cliffs and sand beaches, you feel like out of the world. This short one day trip, felt like the perfect thing to do, before popping into the buzzing streets of San Fransisco!
To be honest, I would have prefered to stay there, in a nice cottage with some sheeps and ponies next to my house, giving me a spectacular view over the coastline. Absolutely being in love with the countryside as well as  hilly open landscapes and the seaside this just felt like the perfect place to stay forever. The only thing missing, was my ginger cats, but I am sure that there would have been some Options to bring him to the States! 
But instead there sadly needed to be a return to San Fransisco in order to catch my flight back to Germany! Until next time Point Reyes, you definitely showed me how simple but beautiful nature can be!

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