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In order to open up a new section on this blog about equestrianism, I want to answer some basic questions:

What is my riding style?
I am riding English. But because I don´t compete I am mostly riding dressage,  I also like to go for a hack or do a small jumps

How long have I been riding for?
I started at the age of 7 so I am riding since 10 years now

Do I own a horse or lease?
I am currently leasing a grey mare, measuring at around 145 cm

How often a week do I ride?
It depends but usually two times a week

Why don´t  I compete?
I would love to compete, but neither do I have the possibility to compete with the Pony I am leasing, nor are there much other options in my area without a own horse.

Why don´t I jump or Event?
I would love to do both, but don´t have the possibility to. 
Plus having had ankle surgery recently, it probably would not be the best idea to do so, but we´ll see were the journey will go.

Aspirations for the future?
In the near future I would love to start jumping properly and maybe compete. With my Highschool graduation  in one year and probably going afterwards for a couple of months to the UK/ Ireland and then after to college, there will be a lot of changes, not only in my personal life but also riding wise.

Biggest Inspiratiom?
Definitely Michael Jung and Ingrid Klimke, who are both part of the German eventing Equipe. I absolutely look up to their sucess in all three disiplines, which is based on great horsemanship and compability!

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