Spring Motivation


Or at least the try

With the days, starting to get longer and longer, and the temperatures rising Spring is luckily finally starting here in Germany.
There is nothing more refreshing after cold and greyish days, then to see the first green popping out. With the nicer weather I really want to spend more time outdoors, in order to get again fitter after last years surgery.

 Unfortunately I can´t ride preoperly for the next month or so which means that I need to find alternatives. The best alternative would be to get the bike fixed and get back on track with it. Unfortunately I kind of dumped it after cycling 400 kilometeres around Denmark the last summer! But now feels like the right time to do so, because even though it has been some challenging days in Denmark it has been a brilliant experience to challenge myself, not being a Fitness pro to do something and get out of my comfort zone. And at the end of the day it felt so good to see what you have reached. The plan for the next few days therefore is, after getting the bike back to slowly built up condition maybe I´ll have the possibility/ time to do anything similar to this trip in the next few months. Plus I absolutely liked the mild but still warm temperatures combined with the sea view on this trip, that always kept me motivated!

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