You either hate it or you love it! 

Tweed is a material that you either hate, because it is vintage and too rusty. Or you love it because it is an all time classic, suitable for many situations were other materials are somehow overdressed.

I personally adore tweed as a cloth, especially in blazer form. Being used for the traditional outdoor clothing in England and Ireland, the woven cloth is extremely durable and made for harsh conditions, such as you experience when out hunting etc. Plus tweed is just an awesome material, to create a smart-casual look, when popping it over an oxford or plain t-shirt. With the huge variation in colours, it is not a struct as a classical black ir blue blazer. Not having a uniform or dresscode at school, a tweed blazer is just the perfect option when it is a bit chillier outside. But I also like tweed when going out for lunch, or a walk in the countryside.
Unfortunately I haven't found so far the perfect fitting blazer but I am definitely on the hunt for it, because in my opinion it is an alltime piece, never going out of fashion which makes it worth to invest in a good, perfectly-fitting one.

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