The magical number?

Turning 18 in around a month, my feelings are mixed! Even though my young live has had it´s ups and downs I am so thankful for  all the privileges I do have growing up in a whealthy, peaceful and liberal western democracy.
Being an adult I will do have so much more possibilties. What I do look the most forward to aren´t the long nights of partying and drinking alcohol, but the possibility to drive on my own. Partying and alcohol is something, I have been allowed to since the age of 16 and both, I honestly don´t really enjoy. But living on the countryside, which is a great thing, I´ll have so much more possibilities with my driving license.

Being stuck for one more year in school, which will be my 13th and last one, I don´t have much of the independence I which I had! The positive aspect is, that I have enough time without much `adult-responsibilities´ where I can decide what in life I want. Leaving school in March of 2018, I will gain t all aspects of adulthood, including the good and bad ones! I personally wouldn´t see my adulthood in my 18th birthday but rather in my graduation that will be followed by my move-out! Even tough my 18th birthday isn´t something really special I am looking forward to going abroad and starting University!

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