Weekend by the Lake

With Easter being now being over, I am back home from a long weekend by the lake Constance. The lake itself is based between the German, Suisse and Austrian border. Having a length of 63 kilometers there is definitely enough you can do!
Staying at an apartment in Constance, I spent most of the time near the city. The city with its old houses and small super cute alleys has in my opinion one of the prettiest historic districts in Germany. What I would also recommend doing is taking a bike ride along the shores and green meadows as well as taking a trip to Switzerland! The sadly cold and wet weather at least allowed snowfall in the nearby Alps. As a lover of the sea I always feel a bit 'at-home' by the sea. When standing by the lake you often do have the feeling that you are rather by the sea then by a lake. What I do hope to have one day, is the possibility to take a sailing course!

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